1. Blooming  Buds

    Blooming Bud is a series of 10 books with effective interactive techniques. It is a comprehensive and integrated series for kindergarten to class 8.
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  2. Saras  Hindi  Pragya

    Saras Hindi Pragya
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  3. Math  Touch

    Math Touch
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  4. Grammer  Park

    Grammer Park
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  5. Smart  Computer

    Smart Computer
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  6. Exploring  Science

    Exploring Science
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  7. Social  Study

    Our social study covers the diverse aspects of society and covers the curriculum in balanced manners.
    Compiling the material of diverse aspects in an interrelated manner.
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a) Products & Services

  • NCERT & CBSE based school textbooks
  • Exercise Notebooks
  • Exam Answer Booklets
  • Test Booklets
  • Drawing Books
  • Answer books for Universities and Examining bodies.
  • Copies, registers, notebooks
  • Paper products
  • Spiral Pads
  • Punch Paper and other stationery items.
  • We also provide free animated DVDs/CDs along with our school textbooks, on demand.

b) Other Services

Apart from publishing world class textbooks we are self-reliant in paper manufacturing and delivering of books at multiple locations. These facilities cut our costs and make our products cheaper than our competitors.

c) Business competitiveness

During the production of a textbook, which includes, research, editing, proof reading, designing and printing, we pay 'special attention to the needs of the students'. Hence our textbooks are more student-friendly, educative and affordable. Our books are continuously revised according to the latest patterns of CCE. Apart from this, we are capable of delivering textbooks at multiple locations simultaneously.

d) Quality Policies

We are an ISO certified company. Our management team has an eagle eye for quality products. Besides, we are an environment-friendly company and follow all the rules of environment conservation during the manufacturing of our Books.